Mercado inmobiliario de España: Una herramienta para el análisis de la oferta


  • José Carlos Casas del Rosal, David E. Casas del Rosal, José María Caridad y Ocerin,y Julia Núñez Tabales


Due to the dynamism of the real estate market and its importance in the economy of a country like Spain, it is necessary to have a tool that allows to obtain and analyse all the information connected with this. In this paper, a new software developed in JAVA and R
is presented; and, from the information provided by the real estate website of greater offer of the country,, it allows the development of a completed statistical analysis of the data, the identification of properties with outstanding characteristics, the realization of estimates of variables, such as price of the offers, with different techniques and the geographic location of the properties based on geographic coordinates with the information of characteristics that define them. Some application features from a sample of 5.290 housing in the city of Córdoba are shown in that program without the user requiring knowledge about the programming languages used in the program.