Cuadernos de Economía

ISSN : 0210-0266

ICT-finance-growth nexus: Empirical evidence from the Next-11 countries

  • Rudra Prakash Pradhan, Mak Arvin, Mahendhiran Nair, Sara Bennett, Sahar Bahmani ,


This study assesses the causal relationship between information and communication technology (ICT) penetration, financial development, and economic growth in Next-11 countries between 1961 and 2012. A panel vector auto-regressive (VAR) model is used to detect the direction of causality between ICT, financial sector development and economic growth for these countries. The results reveal that there is Granger-causality among the variables both in the short run and in the long run, although the exact nature of the results varies by the ICT penetration indicators for the sample countries. Empirical results from this study provide valuable insights on policies pertaining to ICT penetration, financial sector development and economic growth.