Cuadernos de Economía

ISSN : 0210-0266

La fundamental convergencia teórica entre las contribuciones procedentes de los economistas de la escuela neoclásica y los institucionalizadores de la sociología

  • Sagar Hernández Chuliá ,


This study aims to demonstrate the fundamental theoretical convergence between the contributions from the economists of the neoclassical school and the institutionalisers of sociology. To achieve this two different cultural areas, the Anglo-Saxon and the French, are examined. Six categories were set up in order to compare their respective doctrines. The first three (teleology, epistemology, and methodology) are from the classic Habermasian taxonomy related to the relationships that exist between knowledge types and interest types. The last three (individual agents, organisations, and institutions) allude to three central theoretical concepts in both sciences (economic and sociological). In view of the results, it is concluded that, while all these authors defend the priority of technical interest, the use of hypotheticaldeductive rules, and the tool of empirical-analytical techniques, a break can also be identified
between the theoretical contributions from both cultural spheres, which justifies taking them into consideration separately.