Cuadernos de Economía

ISSN : 0210-0266

La competitividad internacional de la economía andaluza y sus sectores exportadores

  • José Ignacio Belda Álvarez, y Macarena Pérez-Suárez ,


In globalization, the foreign sector is increasingly important for economies, and the Andalusian economy is not an exception. The objective of this research was to know the behavior of Andalusian exports between 2006 and 2013, based on their evolution in the territory, and in relation to their companies and their competitive strategies. In order to achieve this objective, the behavior of exports of Andalusian goods (tariff chapters) in absolute and relative terms for the EU28, and to a lesser extent Spain. Then, it was tried to define the behavior of the export sectors (tariff chapters) according to a competitive or dynamic behavior based on the shift-share technique, verifying its relation with the market share as well as the degree of export specialization of each sector with respect to the European. On the other hand, the role played by the companies in this export process is verified. The main findings indicate that during the analyzed period Andalusian exports grew in absolute and relative terms. This increase was made possible by the process of internationalization of the Andalusian business sector, which includes a significant increase in the number of exporting companies and markets. And lastly, this growth is due, above all, to the behavior of eleven export sectors that were, at the same time of being dynamic and competitive, sectors in which Andalusia is specialized.