Cuadernos de Economía

ISSN : 0210-0266

El impacto del eWOM en los alojamientos turísticos de la economía tradicional vs. la economía colaborativa. Análisis de caso

  • Mercedes Jiménez García, Antonio Rafael Peña Sánchez, y José Ruiz Chico ,


As social networks gain in importance, so does the opinion of travelers and their influence on online sales. In the tourism accommodation sector, the active participation of this industry in these networks is a fundamental part of customer loyalty and the fulfillment of their expectations. Through this work, we explore this concept by analyzing possible differences in the impact of eWOM on two tourist accommodation systems: the traditional one, represented by the hotel industry (on Tripadvisor) and collaborative, represented by the rent of accommodation (in Airbnb). For this purpose, a quantitative and qualitative analysis of online comments will be used. Given the complexity and extent of the theme, we analyze oneof the most visited tourist cities: Barcelona. As a result of this, important differences between the two economies are observed, and some recommendations for the sector are established.