Cuadernos de Economía

ISSN : 0210-0266

The Impact of Adopting BOT on Rationalizing Investment Budget Expenditures in Light of the Legislative Challenges to Its Implementation: An Analytical Study At Tikrit University

  • Zeyad Mshhain Abdullah , PhD Candidate at Institute of Higher Commercial Studies in Sousse, University of Sousse, Tunisia.


BOT Method, Rationalization of Expenditures, Investment Budget, Legislative Challenges, Education Sector in Iraq..


The principal aim of this research endeavour was to elucidate the efficacy of the build, operate, and transfer (BOT) methodology in optimizing investment budget allocations amidst legislative impediments to its implementation. Employing a comprehensive purposive sampling technique, the study focalized on the population of Tikrit University, encompassing 194 individuals comprising academics, professionals, and administrators. Methodologically, a descriptive approach was employed, complemented by statistical analysis predicated upon data garnered from a structured questionnaire. The findings evinced a discernible correlation and influence between the adoption of the BOT model and the rationalization of investment budget disbursements. However, this influence was observed to attenuate in the face of certain challenges, underscoring the imperative of embracing the study's proposition as a precursor to espousing BOT over conventional budgetary paradigms.