Cuadernos de Economía

ISSN : 0210-0266

Análisis comparativo del diferencial de precios agrarios entre productores y consumidores en Europa, bajo criterios de seguridad alimentaria de abastecimiento

  • Dr. D. José Ruiz Chico,Dr. D. Antonio Rafael Peña Sánchez,y Dra. D. Mercedes Jiménez García ,


Food safety is considered as a very important factor in our time. The vision of this matter is different as analyzed in developed or developing countries. Facing the problem of hunger, food price is a key issue. For this reason, based on FAO data, various analyses have been performed such as CHAID or clústers to see how the differential of food prices between producers and consumers has evolved in Europe per countries compared to the evolution of food safety indicators. In conclusion, some differences are perceived when comparing Eastern and Western countries, with improvements in food security and a reduction in food banks, showing an aid in the fight against hunger.