Clasificación de las empresas familiares en base a sus valores


  • Elena Santos Martos,Juan Carlos Ayala Calvo,J. Eduardo Rodríguez Osés


Family businesses are numerous and different, their heterogeneity show a multiplicity of objectives and results. Traditionally family firms are classified in terms of their structure, size, ownership, etc.; but few studies have been focusing on the values of the family business, it´s a key aspect that determines the degree of familiarity of these organizations. We propose a own typology centered on the values of the dominant family group on three key dimensions: ownership, management and continuity. The study of these dimensions allows us to classify the Family Business (FB.) into three groups: pure, mixed (owner and executive) and professionalized. This classification is useful to homogenize the findings of research on FB. Given the importance of this classification, we wanted to confirm whether this type can be applied to business reality in Spain and we have confirmed that the degree of familiarity can help us classify these organizations.